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Avis de sur Dog's Kennel , le 27/01/2018
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My husband and I are so happy to have found Dog's Kennel! Our dog 'Murphy' has stayed there 3 times, and I've just booked a fourth stay for 2018. Murphy was an abused hunting dog adopted from the St. Catherine SVPA and is often insecure, but it is clear that she is totally at ease with Kevin JORDAN (and his lovely daughter Lily!).
avis positif Mr. Jordan is always concerned about the well-being of the dog, and has informed us in the past about irregularities in the dog's behavior or appetite. Best of all, he sends us occasional photos and videos of the dog while she is playing. Each dog has an inside kennel box (about 2x2 meters) and has access to its own outside park during the daytime. It is so nice to leave our dog there and not have any worries about her. FABULOUS!!
avis négatif none - zero -- nada -- keine -- niente!